Sunday, February 2, 2014

final summary stats

Here is the final report on my stats from the experiment. You can download the detailed Excel file here:

Above you see the final spending and calorie consumption report for the entire 30 day period.

There were some dips in both spending and calories consumed, but what is interesting is how little the variation is linked. That is, it's not necessarily expensive to eat a lot of calories. And it's not necessarily cheap, either. It all depends on your choices. Rice is really cheap and gets you lots of calories.

Here you see calories consumed vs. calories burned in exercise for the complete period. I managed to exercise most days during the experiment. It's not always possible to do, but this was a good period.

Finally, weight loss. I ate healthier and lost weight during this period.

I'm hoping I can keep this up and keep on going without the $3 limitation.

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