Thursday, February 6, 2014

Lab Results - pre- and post-experiment

On Dec 20, 2013 I had lab work done as a pre-experiment baseline.

I had the lab work repeated on Jan 31, 2014, the last day of the $3 Diet experiment.

Below are the results. I am fascinated by the improvement, and many of the clinicians I have mentioned this to have been surprised by the dramatic change in cholesterol measures. The other lab results were in the normal range and stayed in the normal range. Kerryn will comment on a follow up post about the results from a clinician's perspective.

Test                     Dec 20           Jan 31       Guideline

Serum                   216                130             < 200

HDL                      53                   49             35-100

LDL                     135                  66              60-129

Glucose                107                 97              74-109

As you can see, the overall cholesterol levels (serum) dropped by 89 points, or about 42%.

LDL levels, the "bad" cholesterol fell by 51%.

Glucose improved, but I think I'd like to see it lower yet.

I'll leave the rest to Kerryn. I've given her access to all of the lab results and permission to discuss them, so she may add one or two more in her follow on post.

After she comments on the lab results, I will be posting some final thoughts on the outcomes and closing out the $3 Diet.


  1. Mark,
    First of all congratulations on completing the challenge! Not an easy things to do and it certainly has helped your health.

    Your lab results are consistent with multiple other studies: 1) in looking at the determinants of health, 50% of health is determined by personal choices and 2) it takes about 6 weeks to see significant changes in cholesterol levels. Your other lab values didn't show much change because the body is designed to have stores of essential minerals and vitamins to protect itself.

    A prolonged diet would likely show continued decreases in your bad cholesterol, but the economic question then becomes what is your marginal benefit. Ben and Jerry's certainly increases most people's happiness quotient.